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Rudy Sanchez obituary

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February 12, 1952 - September 12, 2021

Rudy Sanchez, the precious son of Isabel Ramirez Sanchez and Jesus Ernesto Sanchez, was an amazing son and youngest of the boys of nine siblings. Rudy died peacefully, and went home to be with Mom and Dad and our Lord Jesus Christ. He was beloved by his family.

Rudy grew up in the city of Toppenish, Washington. As a young boy, although a quiet spirit, he made life long friends (Tom, Charlie, Jesse B and Jessie) who became part of of our family. He spent his early years working alongside his family in the fields. Rudy graduated with childhood friends from Toppenish High School and went on to attend Shoreline Community College, studying Graphic Arts. With God’s given gift in art, he created beauty in landscape design, creating amazing and beautiful gardens. He enjoyed tending to his garden and helping his family with projects.

His quick wit was his hallmark, making so many people laugh at his amazing one liners. His quick wit and humor stayed with his family for many years, and many are still laughing at his remarks. He brought us joy. Rudy spent many years in public service, and with non-profit community and human service organizations working in underserved communities. Toward the end of his professional life, he completed his career supporting quality assurance with Global Logistics Aerospace firm, a position he enjoyed. He had a strong work ethic.

Isabel, his mother, was his rock, and she gave him purpose in his later years. He became her primary caregiver, along with support of his little sister, Mary Lou, caring for her until her passing at 103 years of age. He and his wife Lynda shared 30 years together and raised a generation of children and grandchildren that he guided and loved. Rudy was also a favorite uncle to many nieces and nephews, always offering them advice and loving support. He loved his brothers and sisters, always talking about them privately and how much he cared. He was a compassionate and loving spirit to many people. In recent days, Rudy had a strong faith and read the Bible daily and prayed. He leaves behind a family that will never forget him and will always love him that includes: Lynda Sanchez, and children, Joey and Dawn, and five grandchildren as well as brothers and sisters, Pete Sanchez, Larry Sanchez, Paul Sanchez, Jane Sanchez Ortega, Mary Sanchez Landeros, Antonia Sanchez Briceno, Jesus Sanchez, and Mary Lou Sanchez Briceno. The family will have a private service in loving honor of Rudy.