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Ben Macias obituary

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Benjamin J. Macias (Ben, Benny, Dad, Daddy, Grandpa) died in his home surrounded by his children and grandchildren on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, after his struggle with lung disease. He was prayed for and heard some of his mother’s favorite hymns sung by family members and he called on the Mercy of the Lord hours before his death. Benjamin was born in Worland, Wyoming in 1935, and moved to Toppenish, Washington with his parents and family members in 1946.

Dad attended high school in Toppenish where he enjoyed playing football and teased his children that he could have had a football scholarship. Dad fell in love and married Josephine Gallegos Macias (d.) and had three children, Sandra (Sandi) Macias, Belinda Macias, and Cliff Macias. He married Ramona Kamerzell Macias (d.) and had three children, Bianca Boursaw (John), Ricardo Macias, and Michael Macias, and one step-daughter, Deborah Young Witt (Jack). Dad loved and enjoyed visits by his eleven grandchildren. Ben enjoyed and was grateful for his long-time good friend Virginia Barnett of the Yakima Valley. Daddy loved and enjoyed his companion/therapy dog Penny, “his baby,” who was faithfully with him in his final hours.

Dad’s hard work ethic and life commitment was driven by his love and devotion for his children. Dad worked with his hands and provided for his family as a carpenter with the Oregon-Washington and Washington-Idaho-Montana Carpenter and Labor Unions. He enjoyed remodeling homes and seeing the fruit of his labor and took pride in manicuring his yards to perfection, and said “It’s therapeutic!”

Dad enjoyed taking his family to the Friday-night drive-in movies, or on the boat or camping in the camper when time permitted but mostly enjoyed being home with his family. Later in life Dad enjoyed going to the casino and really liked it when he played $5 and won $1000!

Benjamin is preceded in death by this father Jose Macias and mother Carmen Bajahas Macias, as well as brothers Pete, Ruben, and Mike, and sisters Delores, Henrietta, Mercedes, and Naomi.

Daddy will be missed by his adult children, grandchildren, and faithful friends and extended family. He enjoyed visits and phone calls from nieces and nephews, and gifts of a dozen tamales by niece Annette Figueroa. The family would like to extend a heart-felt gratitude to the Critical Nurse Staff nurses and CNAs who were devoted to Dad’s care, and the Hospice staff who were committed to helping Dad with comfort measures in his greatest time of need.