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Andrew James Hunt obituary

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On June 4, 2020 Andrew James Hunt earned his angel wings and began his last journey. Andrew was born on June 4, 1964 to James J. Hunt and Lorraine M. Phillips Hunt. Andrew just turned 56 on his birthday. He was named after our “Tilla,” Andrew C. Phillips and his father James. Mother named him “Tilla” for his Indian name; for our “Tilla.” “Tilla” had several medical illnesses and expired due to his extended illness. “Tilla” attending all religious homes and he was baptized and attended the McKinley mission, where he assisted with many activities for the membership. He joined the Independent Shaker Church and participated in all Shaker churches. “Tilla” attended the All Tribes Church and made many friends there. A very special friend was Mike Twiggs.

Andy graduated as a wildcat from Toppenish Senior High School; and was a member of the wrestling team. Andy always had a smile to share, he enjoyed teasing, sharing stories, good jokes, and good times. Andy loved his flute, liked to share his music with everyone. He had a kind heart and loved all children and all animals.

We have a large family. Names are shared. Be a lot, but due to our final services many normal parts are not practiced for safety. Names will be shared, past and current. We have many sisters and brothers, we never said full, half or step. We said our brothers and sisters. Brother surviving are: Ron George Sr. and Patrick Hunt, brothers that preceded: James Hunt Jr., Reggie Jaramillo, Tim J. Hunt, Daryl Queampts Kuneki, Roger Hunt, Garland Jerry, and Anthony Hunt Wahpat. Sisters surviving: Eleanor Davis, Marlene Hunt, Deb Hunt, Maggie E. George, Laura Hunt, and Regina Jerry. Sisters that preceded: Wilma Sam, Glenda Jerry, Maxine Hunt, and Helen George. Preceded by other family members: Chuck and Nora (Hunt) Speedis, Ernest Hunt, Virgil Hunt Sr., Virgil Hunt Jr., Andrew C. Phillips, Orval Phillips, Otis Phillips, Elliott Phillips, Ladd Kahclamat, Louis Leo Jackson, Bessie Quaempts Kuneki, Marnie Hunt, Catherine Albert, Augustine P. Howard, Isabelle P. Yallup, Joann P. Walker and Cecelia Yallup.

Current family elders, LeRoy DeCoteau, Nora Kahclamat, Ladine Albert, Audrey Cloe, Laura Y. Switzler, Pauline Howard, Johnson Speedis, Darlene Phillips, Deanna Condone, Genevieve Frank, Darrell James and Alexander, Joyce Pinkham, Annette Star, and Angeline Phillips. If I omitted anyone, I apologize now and ask for forgiveness.

Officiators Wayne Goodman and Mike Twiggs. Active Pallbearers, please if you can notify them: Shawn Van Pelt, Len Van Pelt, Ron “Duke” Arquette, Robert Arquette, Austin Phillips, Joy Yallup Sr., Reggie Frank III, and Kevin Phillips, Honorary Pallbearers, LeRoy DeCoteau, Ron George Sr., Patrick Hunt, Ron George Jr., Chuck Sweowat, Alvin San Juan, Daryl Luke, Sunny Spencer, Darrel James, and Daryl Inness, all members of McKinley Mission and All Tribes Church; and all family and friends. Dressing Services will be held on Saturday June 6, 2020 at 9 AM; followed immediately with burial at the Winnier Cemetery, Highway 97 S. At a later announced date, when it’s safe, we will have a luncheon at the McKinley Mission and share pictures. Feel free to attend and to share a prayer, a song, a testimony, memories or pictures; this will be posted. In one year will have a traditional memorial ceremony in Andy’s honor. Thank you to all who provided care to Andy at Astria Toppenish Hospital, and we want to mention our close family ties, including the Hunt, Speedis, Miller, Phillips and Quaempts Kuneki families.

Andy was a friend to everyone; many will miss him. Remember his smile and how he greeted all. Try to do that, as we never remember when we will see them for the last time. “Tilla” this is as far as we can go with you brother. But you are going where you will be healthy, no worry, no sickness and many are waiting to greet you. Many that we all miss. Be happy. Rest well. We will miss, but we will always love you. Prayers, love, and blessings to Andy and to all. Be safe. Smile. Safe journey. Do not let anything hold you back, fly high, you got your Angel wings. Private services for immediate family, for your safety we will have memorial cards for those who cannot attend.